Workshops, Coaching, & Healing Work

Writing, Book Publishing 101, and Creating Ebooks —

With a background in literary creativity, publishing, and book launches, Kendra can guide you through these experiences and teach you how to navigate the world of writing yourself. Check it out at

Workshops —

Kendra’s healing workshops are based in shared performance exercises. The healing workshop, “The Politics of You: Acting in Dimensional Alignment”, has been hosted at Sonic Bloom Music Festival held annually in Colorado and Spring Frequency Festival held in California.

“Based in the movement of spirit across dimensions of self, The Politics of You: Acting in Dimensional Alignment is founded in improvisational acting, free-flow writing, and spiritual synchronization; focused in unveiling, connecting, and freeing the many levels of You within Yourself, this workshop brings participants together to act as one through spontaneous scenes and stream of consciousness collective creation, leading us to a better understanding of our own characteristics that shape societal roles and values on and off the ‘stage of life’.”

Sonic Bloom Music Festival
Sonic Bloom Music Festival
Image 5-1-19 at 3.05 PM
Spring Frequency Festival

Healing Work–

Channeling her experience in performance, Kendra uses methods of music, spoken word, and ritual to align those she meets on her Shamanic path.

Kendra is an initiated healer. She practices Native American Shamanism, the Celtic Sin-Eating tradition, and Rainbow-Light Healing.

In addition to her onstage healing through music, poetry, and song, Kendra offers personalized teachings on this path through personal coaching, ritual induction, house clearings, auric clearings, and intuitive performance healings.

She also offers group healings in the form on Shamanic performance and Workshop.

One-on-one healing consultations are available for scheduling here.

Please contact for furthur details.


Social Media Marketing & Entrepreneurial Coaching —

The online market is vast and growing everyday, your brand should be expanding to fit the times. Kendra is an entrepreneurial artist using her expertise in social media marketing, growth of an online brand, and creating distinction within your field as an entity online. She has lead several workshops on connecting with your intuition to guide the creative spirit. Through implementing proven marketing methods, strategic planning, and social media growth, one can make a real impact on the online world that translates to fans, customers, and network. For more information, contact Kendra here. Book here.



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