1. Gashouse Radio’s exclusive interview with Kendra Muecke; Writer, Artist, Songwriter.
  2. Vents Magazine’s artist interview Kendra & the Bunnies.
  3. Queen City Sounds & Arts’ review of “Figure 8”.
  4. Indie Pulse Music’s artist interview on Kendra & the Bunnies.
  5. Buzz-Music’s article on Kendra & the Bunnies’ track, “Figure 8”
  6. Buzz-Music’s artist interview with Kendra & the Bunnies.
  7. NeuFutur Magazine’s artist interview with LA based Kendra & the Bunnies.
  8. Triple HQ, Hip Hop Headquaters’ write up on “Speak Kesey” by Kendra & the Bunnies.
  9. MySphera’s artist interview with Kendra & the Bunnies.
  10. ParaPOP’s review of Kendra & the Bunnies’ debut album, “of Vinyl”.
  11. Kendra will be walking the gold carpet at eZWay Broadcasting’s Gala in Support of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Donate to CHOC Children’s here.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 10.59.25 AM

Spotify Playlist Placement:

  • “Tears of Joy” on Lofi Munk Record’s Modern Hits Playlist
  • “Speak Kesey”, “Being Found – Live”, & “Figure 8” on Movimento Country’s Country & POP Playlist
  • “Tears of Joy”, “Speak Kesey”, & “A Series of Self” on New Pop’s Indie Good Vibes Playlist
  • “Speak Kesey” & “A Series of Self” on Caltify MX’s Discover Weekly Indie Pop Spotify Playlist
  • “Tears of Joy” & “Figure 8” on Caltify MX’s Chill Days Indie Rock Spotify Playlist
  • “Tears of Joy” on Music Lover’s A Star is Born Spotlight Spotify Playlist & This is Your Coolest Spotify Playlist
  • “Speak Kesey” on Music Lover’s Super Fresh Indie Delights & A Star is Born Spotlight Spotify Playlist


Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 11.42.36 AMQuotes from Music Blogs:

“I enjoyed the emotion of the lyrics and how the vocal delivery enhanced that raw emotion and storytelling. I also liked how the guitars give it a 90s grungy vibe.” — on song, “Figure 8”, by Caesar Live N Loud Music Blog

“I find the lyrics very memorable. It’s well written and I highly appreciated it a lot! 🙂 And the vocals, no question asked! It’s one of the best vocalists that I’ve heard from today.  I just love the sound quality of this track and it is crystal clear. :)” — on song, “Figure 8”, by Music Love Blog & Playlist Curator

“Wow as in Wow! Another crazy awesome track from Kendra & The Bunnies! 🙂 I really love this tune! It’s simple and yet charming! :)” — on song, “Speak Kesey”, by Music Lover Blog & Playlist Curator


“Wow! I just fell in love with the edgy and expressive vocal tone of vocalist! 🙂 Nice melody too! :)” — on song, “Tears of Joy”, by Music Lover Blog & Playlist Curator

“Really compelling vocal quality and such great evocative lyrics.” — on song, “A Series of Self”, by B-Sides & Badlands

“I like the idea of this song, the chords and vocals melodies really create a nice atmosphere. I like the creative side of this song.” — on song, “Speak Kesey”, by RKJ Music

“Honest sounding vocal exercise on this one, for sure. The simplicity is the anchor on this one, which complements your vocals well.” — on song, “Speak Kesey”, by Come Here Floyd

“I don’t know, but it’s reminding me of early David Bowie, Bewley Brothers maybe, pretty good song.” — on song, “True Blue”, by Ana Gogic Music

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