Writing & Books

Kendra is an active poet, writer, and journalist. You may find her most recent writing on her blog and on her Instagram, @Kenbunny. Kendra Muecke is a quarterly contributor to EZWay Magazine. Kendra has also written for Denver’s Jefferson Park Newsletter.

Kendra is a published author. Her first book, “The Politics of” is a 338 page ensemble of poetry, opinionated essays, and one-act plays accompanied by original photography.

“The Politics of” is available for purchase.Available on Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble, & hand-signed copies here. 5% of sales will be donated to The Rex Foundation with the intention of supporting arts, sciences, education, and indigenous peoples rights.

Kendra’s second book, “Project: Non-Arch Operation Clown School”, was published on September 13, 2019. “Project: Non-Arch” is a long-verse prose poem, manifesting the willpower it takes to intentionalize one’s dream. It also tackles the recovery process inherent in deprogramming one’s mind from societal conditioning. You can order a signed copy here. “Project Non-Arch” is also available on Amazon Books and Barnes and Nobles’ online store. 5 % of sales will be donated to Camp Winnarainbow’s Grace & Joy Scholarship Fund with the intention of sending youth to performing arts and circus summer camp.

Kendra is currently writing her first novel, a memoir tale of Fire vs. Ice, titled “Friend of the Level”.

Her third book of poetry is to begin compilation soon with the title still up for thought-discussion.

For literary performance or publishing inquiries please contact: WriteWithKendra@gmail.com


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