Kendra Muecke is a writer, singer, and performance artist. Her first published book, “The Politics of”, debuted in November 2017. Drawing from ten years of writing material, this 338 page coffee table book combines creativity with metaphysical revelation. Filled with poems focused on rhythm and word play, opinionated short stories and essays, and scenes from a series of original one-act plays, this book reveals a unique and quite mind-bending perspective.

Following the publication of “The Politics of”, she has began sharing her work throughout Denver. Her most recent reading was for “Love Stinks”, an all female medicine show held in conjunction with Arts Caravan at Syntax Opera House. In the realm of songwriting, Kendra debuted several original songs during “Mystery Monday” held at Be on Key Psychedelic Ripple. She is also a workshop leader on the plane of spirituality and theatre arts (acting). Her workshop, “The Politics of You: Acting in Dimensional Alignment” has been held at several music festivals, most notably Sonic Bloom located in Colorado (2017) and Spring Frequency Festival held on the La Jolla Indian Campgrounds, California (2016).

She is currently working on her second novel, “Project Non-Arch: Operation Clown School.” Project Non-Arch is a long form poem composed of nine parts. It follows the decision-making that lead Kendra to leave Los Angeles (high and dry) and head for the Colorado mountains. Her first album is also trucking along; paired with stellar vocals and ground-shaking guitar, “Of Vinyl” promises to bring the noise. You can purchase a signed copy of Kendra’s book, “The Politics of” on her website: www.thepoliticsofkendra.com/purchasethepoliticsof/.

Kendra plans to move back to Los Angeles, CA in December of 2018.

Photo release of Kendra’s first book, “The Politics of”



Kendra Elisabeth Muecke was born on February 11, 1993 in Houston, TX. Born a true Aquarian, Kendra has always been connected to her creativity and visions, drawing her to the performing arts at a very young age. Starting at 4 years old, Kendra began professional theatrical training at Theatre Under The Stars located in Houston. Attending acting classes, vocal lessons, and dance rehearsals, Kendra found herself in love with the artistic endeavor that is the stage.

Growing up in the theatre, Kendra’s voice grew along with her experience. At age 13, Kendra began singing rock n roll music at Camp Jam in Houston. Today, she is a lyricist with a growing affection for the guitar.

At age 14, Kendra discovered her affinity for poetry. Her stream of consciousness prose was noticed immediately by school teachers and mentors alike. At age 15, she was requested to read her long form poem, October, in front of her entire high school. The poem and others of hers were additionally published for 4 consecutive years in the literary magazine, Light and Shadow. As a poet, her style comes in all forms, from metered to rhythmatic to traditional Shakespearean sonnet; she keeps her pencil in hand and her eyes open for observation. Today, she has expanded into the fields of journalism, live music reviews, fiction and non-fiction essays, screenwriting, playwriting, and stand-up comedy.

At age 18 (2011), She moved to Malibu, CA to attend Pepperdine University. There she continued her studies in the theatre and on stage. Developing her interest in the ancient history of the theatre and its culture, she began studying ritual performance and sacred texts. After graduating from Pepperdine in May 2015 with a degree in Theatre Arts (Acting), Kendra moved to Venice Beach, CA, where her interest in ritual performance and her affinity for poetry drew her to the path of Shamanism.

She began work as a healer the Summer of 2015, giving her a new perspective on what it means to be a performance artist within the bounds of psychic discovery. Bringing her collective talents together, She created the workshop, The Politics of You: Acting in Dimensional Alignment. This workshop based in the realm of spirituality, improvisation acting, and psychic intuitive development was first shared with her community via The Healing Temple at Spring Frequency Music Festival in June 2016, located in La Jolla, CA.

In September of 2016, Kendra packed up her car and headed East to the Land of Poets, known to many as Denver, CO. Here, she has her feet on the ground and her head in the mountains, as she works on her second novel, “Project Non-Arch: Operation Clown School.” Her first book, “The Politics of” is available for purchase here:  www.thepoliticsofkendra.com/purchasethepoliticsof/.

Kendra also has her first album in the works, “of Vinyl”. This album proves to be one filled of passion, peace, and ground-shaking guitar.

Sending her words in codes of love, light, and peace, she thanks you for all the support.

Her self-published works can be found at http://www.thepoliticsofkendra.com

Kendra plans to move back to Los Angeles, CA in December of 2018.


Lightning in A Bottle Music Festival 2016, photo by Mark Matcho


Los Angeles, CA – photo by Bjoern Kommerell